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We are proud to connect all the Software Engineers/ Developers to Code.Hub and share knowledge, career opportunities and upskilling learning paths.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore what drives you professionally and design your next steps.


The first recruitment process that you will speak with developers (only!) and tech (freak) experts!

Our tech knowledge and expertise allow us to look deeper than a resume and find out your real passion and talents. Evaluating and speaking with more than 100 people/day we are capable to match both the tech skills and personality in order to fulfill the ideal job for the ideal candidate.


Choose the best upskilling program, adjust your learning pathway and boost your career. Code.Learn is here to educate the IT community to meet market needs. Our programs are designed by experienced professionals and academic professors and are delivered exclusively from developers to developers. By recognizing the market needs we identify the key technologies that emerge and train the IT community.


Community Events for each technology.


Connect software engineers with market news.