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Code.Career is the biggest Technology Recruitment Consulting Agency in Greece that everyone speaks with developers (only!) and HR tech (freak) experts!

Code.Career is awarded in 2021 with Gold HR Award for their Recruitment Consulting Services regarding the “Most Effective Recruitment Strategy” in Greece.

Code.Career is awarded in 2020 with Silver HR Award as one of the best Recruitment and Retention Consulting Services in Greece.

We have the expertise to support your hiring needs, build your new Software House with the most talented candidates, based on your IT needs, culture prerequisites and future business plans.

We connect with your vision and then activate our network to find a talented professional who will join your team. Our tech knowledge and expertise allow us to look deeper than a resume and find real talents. Evaluating and speaking with more than 100 software engineers/day, we are capable of matching both tech skills and personality aspects, in order to fulfill the ideal job with the ideal candidate.

One of the company’s priorities is that it follows a structured, organized recruitment process, based 70% on technical and 30% on personality aspects. Our team consists of 17 Tech Recruitment Consultants specialized in all technologies. Each recruiter from our team is focused on a specific technology, in which they have a deep technical understanding of the technologies/positions that are being managed and they are building a day-to-day funnel. Our recruitment team is being trained by Software Developers from the market, regarding their technical specialization. Additionally, all the recruitment team is certified as Technical Recruiters via LinkedIn Learning and Coursera.

You may find some of our expertise sectors in the list below:

  • All Back End stacks/technologies
  • Front End development for all technologies
  • Mobile Development
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Network
  • PM, Scrum Master, Product Owners
  • Technical Leads
  • CTO’s

Code.Hub’s Recruitment structure follows a normal process of Agile methodology. We follow the full Agile structure in order to have specific milestones in specific timelines with daily scrum meetings. Each recruiter works with specific projects each week. Our sprint for delivering a shortlist is 1 week. Below you may see the full recruitment cycle for every project we undertake:

Code.Career Process

  1. Assign positions
  2. Set job prerequisites
  3. Market Research
  4. Headhunting
  5. Phone Interviews
  6. Interviews 70% technical 30% Personality
  7. Deliver ideal shortlist

Since 2017, we have achieved to implement a mapping for all the technologies, and we manage on average 6000 candidates per year for recruitment purposes. We have a huge network and one of the biggest databases of candidates (more than 27.000 CVs) and we recruit from Junior to Senior Tech profiles and every role that is required for a smooth Development Center/IT Department or Digital Factory. In addition, every year we implement a salary ranges review, in order to be able to help companies fulfill their hiring needs and retain their talents, based on real numbers that arise from the Greek market. We also provide our partners/clients with the below services:

Permanent Position/Recruitment

Find the right talent for your position!

With our extensive network and sourcing approach, we’re confident that we’re able to find the best candidate for any IT/Software Engineering role. Whatever the level or the position. That’s why we monitor the trends and ensure we have the most up-to-date systems in place to allow us to source and match the right people to the right roles. 
Our process includes a huge impact and branding on your audience!

Freelance Projects/Recruit Freelances from the market

Are you looking for a resource to grow your team?
Our database offers a huge talent funnel of freelancers that could help you with deliverables.

HR Services

HR Consulting

The HR consulting service’s core purpose is to help you improve your company’s brand via events and network. Let the candidates know you better via your participation in all the IT-driven events.

– Creating hackathons for entry-level candidates, in order to be able to identify new talents.

– Participation in the largest community event for learning and recruitment in informatics, co-organized by Code.Hub.

Evaluation Services

We have the best tools, services, and processes in order to filter, evaluate and find the right candidates for your job vacancy, using Agile methodology.

Tech Recruitment Workshops

Let us train you in the most up-to-date techniques in order to help you find the ideal candidate for the IT sector.


Trust us to manage the candidates’ payroll for your new employees.

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