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Our motto is “From Developers to Developers”!

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Code.Career is the first recruitment agency that you will speak with developers (only!) and HR tech (freak) experts!

Our tech knowledge and HR expertise allow us to look deeper than a resume and find out your real passion and talents. Evaluating and speaking with more than 100 developers/day, we are capable to match both the tech skills and personality in order to fulfill the ideal job for the ideal candidate.

Our team is compiled of 5 Recruitment Consultants with expertise in all IT Technologies.

You may find some of our expertise sectors in the list below:

  • All Back End stacks/technologies
  • Front End Development for all technologies
  • Mobile Development
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Network
  • PM, Scrum Master, Product Owners
  • Technical Leads
  • CTO’s

We had already implemented a mapping for the IT sector in Greece and we provide to our partners/clients the solution of the below services:

Permanent Position/Recruitment

Find the right talent for your position!
With our extensive network and sourcing approach, we’re confident that we’re able to find the best candidate for any IT/Software Engineering role. Whatever the level or the position. We know the competition for the best talent approach from the market. Our knowledge allows us to give the best solution and profile from the market. That’s why we monitor the trends and ensure we have the most up-to-date systems in place to allow us to source and match the right people to the right roles. 
Our process includes a huge impact and branding on your audience!

Freelance Projects/Recruit Freelances from the market
Are you looking for a resource to grow your team?
Our database offers a huge talent funnel of freelancers that could help you with deliverables.

HR Services

HR Consulting
The HR consulting service has as its core purpose to help you improve your company’s brand via events. Let the candidates know you better via your participation in all the IT-driven events.

Evaluation Services

We have the best tools, services and processes in order to filter, evaluate and find the right candidates for your job vacancy.

Tech Recruitment Workshops

Let us train you in the most up-to-date techniques in order to help you find the ideal candidate for the IT sector.


Trust us to manage the candidates’ payroll of your new employees.

Work with us!