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With high-quality and constantly updated training paths as the main drive, Code.Learn is here to bridge the recognized gap in IT sector between academic world and market’s needs. The baseline of all training paths is:

  • To make functional teams, working with agile methodology along with an experienced tech mentor.
  • To enable our participants to learn by hands-on work, by implementing real projects,
  • To provide high quality learning experience, driven by developers / engineers with several years of working experience and strong academic background.
  • To encourage the participants to work in teams, where cooperation is vital and makes the difference in the final result. To encourage the participants to use well-established agile methodologies.

Given the above, we envision a collaborative way that lets our participants learn new, cutting-edge technologies and tools that will boost their career path to highly demanding and modern topics.

To fulfill our objectives, our Code.Learn programs are designed by experienced professionals and academic professors and comprise mainly of the following two pillars:

  • Learn Academies: Specifically designed educational programs for recent IT graduate / individuals who intend to up-skill and start their IT/SE career.
  • Up-skilling & Re-skilling Code.Learn Programs: Are delivered exclusively from developers to developers. These programs mainly refer to already experience developers that look for a career shift, or for strengthening further their technical background in already-known areas. In this context, we design and settle high quality and fully customized training programs, upon company request, or open programs to companies and individuals.

Code.Learn is awarded in 2021 with Gold HR Award as the best Employment Initiative for the IT Market.

Code.Learn is awarded in 2021 with Gold HR Award as the best Skills Development Solutions Provider L&D for the IT Market.

Code.Learn is awarded in 2020 with Gold HR Award as the best Youth Training Initiative for the IT Market in Greece.

To provide high-quality services, Code.Hub often cooperates with Athens Tech College. It is the first educational institution in Greece that specializes in computer science and ICT studies. Ath/Tech offers academic courses designed to educate professionals who are interested in technology and entrepreneurship and want to thrive in the current and future employment arena

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