As the first Hub for developers, we address the IT industry’s need for
Corporate Learning & Development

In Code.Hub, we greatly value these individuals and businesses that strive for success and improvement. In this direction, we offer our training services not only for individuals that want to expand their knowledge and skills in order to become better professionals and pursue new opportunities, but also for businesses that wish to train their personnel and unlock new possibilities, increase productivity and improve their products and services through a well-trained and well-educated workforce.

Private Training

All our current public Code.Learn training programs are also offered as a private Corporate Training solution for businesses and large corporations that wish to train their employees in Software Development, Software Engineering and Data Science. 

Additionally, we have the ability and know-how to create a tailor-made IT training program, specifically targeted at your business’ needs, with the ultimate goal of honing your employees’ skills in specific software, Programming Languages, or Computer Science in general.

Teaching Method

All our courses are business-oriented and utilize a hands-on approach, in order to maximize their effectiveness in providing useful and practical knowledge, readily applicable in any business environment.

Classes are offered as:

  • In-house training, either on your premises or on our campus
  • Online virtual classrooms through video-conferencing

Contact Us

If you wish to expand your business’s potential, and increase your employees’ productivity and skills, Contact Us to develop the appropriate Learning and Development path, customized for you.