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On behalf of our client, we are seeking a mid and senior-level backend software engineer for the New Technology department of a leading company in the betting industry. New Τechnology is the R&D arm, always on the lookout for tech that will help us scale out to meet the ever-increasing demand for their services. As part of their efforts to handle the excessive load during peak times, they are rewriting some of their backend code in Elixir.

They are looking for experienced programmers (current stack does not matter) that are willing to try out
functional programming with Elixir to work on new and existing projects.

They use Elixir for most io-heavy backend services and C#/.NET Core for the rest. SQL server and Riak are their storage engines of choice, and RabbitMQ is their go-to message broker. Current projects use a mixture of jQuery and Knockout on the frontend while new projects are written in Angular. New code is deployed on Azure and kubernetes using gitlab CI.

What to expect

  • Lot’s of reading! This will probably be the first time you work professionally with Elixir and you will
    need to catch up fast
  • Exciting challenges- designing and implementing distributed and scalable services that serve tens of
    thousands of concurrent customers will be part of your daily routine
  • A leading role: as an experienced programmer you may find yourself guiding your scrum team in all
    things technical
  • Friendly environment: They promote knowledge sharing and cooperation


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
  • Team player
  • Analytical thinking and the ability to methodically break down complex problems and produce quality,working code with little to no technical supervision
  • Experience programming in a functional language or using functional paradigms within OO languages (either from personal projects or professionally)
  • 4+ years of experience as a software engineer

Nice to Have

  • Previous professional experience with the actor model paradigm (eg. Erlang/Elixir, AKKA, Orleans)
  • Previous on-the-job experience with a functional language
  • Familiarity with distributed architectures
  • Familiarity programming complex front-ends


  • Exciting & friendly work environment
  • Career & competencies’ development
  • Continuous training
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Competitive salary package & bonus
  • Team medical & life insurance