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The company

In this company , they don’t just make software solutions

Our Client, as a Digital Product Development Agency, specializes in the development of beautiful, sustainable, and easy-to-scale digital products for in-house use or third-party stakeholders. Quintessential aims to establish itself in the software market as one of the most innovative technology companies.

The people in this company

They are a team of people, experts on critical fields in the Tech and Business Industry, fuelled with experiences based on skill, age and devotion. They strive for one, common goal; To create perfect Digital Products and experiences.

The main pillar on which most of Quintessential’s culture is based, is the continued commitment to the following principles, which, when creating a new product, are retained and repeated to the desired result:

Design • Development • Consulting

The principles of Design, Development and Consulting are highlighted through each product Quintessential SFT produces for any stakeholder.

What  they’re looking for

The continuous development of Web and Mobile applications with the use of up-to-date tools and technologies is one of company’s core activities. Quintessential is actively looking for a passionate backend Developer willing to quickly adapt to new technologies and develop their skills.

Regarding this position, you are going to join the Dev Team team and you will deal with a range of projects that vary in terms of difficulty and scope.

No matter the project you work for, you will be able to evolve in terms of technique, management, & teamwork and you will be given the chance to prove your mindset and skillset.

With the help of experienced senior developers and within a big team and cool climate, you will become familiar with up-to-date software development products, get acquainted with cost-effective software development methodologies and system architectures while creating state-of-the-art products to be used by companies in Greece and Europe.

Job Requirements

  • At least 2 years working with Angular 6+
  • Knowledge of test tools and BDD testing, preferably with Cypress & Cucumber
  • Greate knowledge of REST APIs
  • Optional: Ionic Framework (with cordova or capacitor)

2. Soft skills:

  • Team Player: Willing to collaborate and interact with individuals and associates from multiple departments of the company.
  • Active Doer & Problem Solver: Appetite for getting involved in challenging software problems and determination to provide a viable solution. Focus, devotion should be parts of your persona.
  • Quick Learner: Ability to learn new technologies and methodologies.
  • Passionate Explorer: Passion for continuous development and knowledge seek.

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