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Our client constantly focuses on creating the next big thing in betting technology. Newer, better, bigger, stronger—we’re here to level up our industry and build the world’s best products. And we’re here to be the partner of choice for operators across the globe. Leading the charge in the sports betting arena, our client’s product suite offers end-to-end sportsbook solutions to partners of all sizes in regulated jurisdictions.

Covering every aspect of sports betting, the company allows operators to pick and choose the tech pieces they need to build a long-term viable product. The company’s award-winning online Casino product suite puts partners on the cutting edge of gaming technology. The Open Gaming System (OGS) gives partners access to a library of more than 2,000 games, including our player-favorite in-house titles and title from our CONNECT and AMPLIFY partners. The Open Platform System (OPS) provides powerful back-end player account management to further drive a successful online presence.


2-3 Years of experience based on the following technologies:

  • Front End: AngularJS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Back End: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, .NET Framework 4.6,
  • Entity Framework 5.0 & 6.0, C#
  • DB: MS SQL 2019
  • IDE: Visual Studio >= 2017

Other Desired knowledge:

  • Apache log4net, MQ Platforms like Kafka or RabbitMQ, Jira
  • Future Roadmap
  • Front End: >= Angular 8.0, React, TypeScript
  • Back End: .NET Core Microservices, Entity Framework 6.0 & Core, Java
  • Spring Boot, C#, Java
  • DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL (mongoDB)
  •  Microservices, DevOps & Orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, etc.), MQ Platforms like Kafka or RabbitMQ, Jira

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