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This position is responsible for the implementation of key components within inhouse products and solutions related to Sports Betting, CRM and front-end portals. In particular the main responsibilities will be to:

  • Perform the technical integration of the in-sourced solutions into Intralot’s’ infrastructure
  • Work with other technical designers and developers to make sure that the integration of in-sourced solutions meet technical and migration requirements and performance goals
  • Inform the Systems Integration Manager of any issues that may affect the integration of the in-sourced solution
  • Participate in transitions of the integration components to the testers
  • Fix any defects and performance problems discovered in testing


  • University degree in Computer Science
  • 3-5 years of relevant working experience in:
    • Java
    • Linux and/or Windows, software development tools
    • Oracle SQL, MySQL programming, NoSQL databases (Mongo)
    • Object Relational Mapping (Hibernate)
    • Java EE development: Managed beans, JPA, Spring, EJB3, Struts 2 and JSF Primefaces
    • HTML5, CSS3, , AngularJS
    • Spring Framework for DI, Spring Security, Spring Boot
    • GWT and/or Vaadin
    • Jboss Application Server, JBossMQ, JBoss Messaging, Active MQ, Apache CXF
    • RESTfulWeb service client and server development
    • Version Control Systems & Enterprise Java Application Deployment (Maven, Ant, Git)
  • Strong problem solving skills: able to logically break down a problem into smaller manageable parts to solve
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Very good written and oral communication skills both in English and Greek