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Our client offers vessel monitoring powered by Artificial Intelligence.
They work with ship owners who take pride in their fleet and want the best tools available to ensure the efficient round-the-clock management and safety of their vessels and crew.


  • Take part in the development lifecycle from ideation to deployment.
  • Build and implement the architecture of the platform
  • Build and develop a future platform by using modern web technologies.
  • Participate in the whole process from planning, design,
  • implementation, and deployment of features
  • Work closely with UX designers and backend developers


  • You have more than 3 years of experience with modern web development, with an understanding of UX and you are updated on trends and technology.
  • You have built sophisticated applications using modern JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Sass, ES6/E7
  • You have vast experience from implementing design for web, as well as integrating web applications with API’s
  • Great experience with React.js
  • You are well familiar with the layout, building, and packaging of modern JavaScript, e.g. Webpack
  • You take initiative and responsibility for the work required.
  • Experience with backend and DevOps is a plus, but not a requirement