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Our client uses Artificial Intelligence to de-risk drug development. Their platform focuses on estimating the risk of clinical trials, and interpreting the multitude of factors that contribute to that risk. They therefore aim to bridge the gap between innovation and risk reduction, with the ultimate goal of bringing novel therapies to patients faster.

Their interdisciplinary team of software engineers, AI practitioners, scientists, and drug developers brings together and interprets disparate data across the life sciences industry. The platform offers a suite of functionalities that provide unprecedented data clarity and Machine-Learning fuelled predictions to enable critical decision making.

They are looking for a Database Developer (Python).


  • Participate in architectural, design and product sessions
  • Develop innovative solutions based on product initiatives and business challenges in both Python and Javascript
  • Ensure all Python and Javascript code is suitable for automated unit testing
  • Research and apply new technologies and best practices
  • Design and create efficient RESTful endpoints for both internal and public consumption
  • Provide task estimations and deliver quality code on time
  • 3+ years proven working experience
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Applied Statistics, or related disciplines
  • Solid web developer with at least 2 years of Django or Flask experience
  • 2+ years of Python experience and ideally experience with javascript in a single page web app environment such as React
  • Great experience with database design and maintenance (MySQL, PostegreSQL, etc.)
  • Solid knowledge the AWS ecosystem or similar cloud based provider developing scalable websites/services
  • Exposure to front end MVC frameworks such as Backbone/React/Angular (we use React)
  • Hands-on experience developing, releasing, and maintaining large-scale software applications

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