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Our client is an award winning digital brand committed to modern software development and creating top notch eCommerce solutions.

They are a diverse team of engineers passionate about tech that tackle the challenges of creating a wide range of user-oriented software solutions, involving a multitude of environments and innovative platforms.

Their belief is that they can make online shopping a flawless experience for everyone by empowering consumers and merchants with the necessary intuitive technologies. They achieve that by committing to modern software development and by actively creating bleeding edge eCommerce offerings and high performance web pages.

They are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with a strong technical background and a “get-things-done” attitude. Their focus is to deliver quality products, making the right trade-offs along the way.

Their Engineering Values:

  • Know your Tech. Develop and master your craft, sharpen your tools. Be proud of your work.
  • Release early & Iterate. Deliver prototypes and start gathering important feedback early on. Use that feedback to guide you. Don’t be afraid to compromise, make sure to come back & tidy things up.
  • Be a team player. Offer your help, listen and seek to understand. Step up & take initiatives.
  • Don’t over anything. Don’t over-engineer, over-analyze, over-regulate, you get it.
  • Enjoy your work. Celebrate success.


  • Be part of a zero-dependencies fully fledged team, including designers, front, backend and mobile engineers.
  • Spin up a new product or work on exciting new features to help their users buy what they need.
  • Help take their ecommerce platform to the next level to provide users with the easiest and best possible purchasing experience.
  • Collaborate with experienced engineers and designers.
  • Learn things at scale.


  • At least 4 years of working experience as a Software Engineer in a professional setting.
  • A solid CS background.
  • Intrigued by the product as much as by the technology.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Good communication skills and team spirit.
  • Good knowledge of Ruby/Ruby on Rails is a huge plus.
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks/UI libraries (preferably React).
  • Solid understanding of web architecture.
  • Strong knowledge of database systems (relational, document-based, etc).

Technology Stack:

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • MariaDB, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis
  • JavaScript, React, React Native
  • HTML, CSS, Scss


  • Competitive salary
  • Private medical plan
  • Modern workplace environment
  • Breakfast, subsidized lunch (optional), soft drinks, healthy snacks, fruits
  • Access to technical books, online courses and relevant educational resources
  • Laptop workstation of your choice (macOS/Linux) with monitors

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