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As the name of “Code.Hub” indicates, our mission is to connect all the Software Engineers / Developers and share knowledge and upskilling learning paths. Code.Hub is the ideal partner either for a multinational company, a startup company or a professional.

To reach our goals, we introduce Code.Hub to the IT and ICT sectors via the following three groundbreaking program categories:

We offer high-quality trainings that lead to widely recognized certifications in international level that enable employees to ramp up faster and perform better.

Carefully designed long educational programs that present, explore and adequate cover cutting-edge IT technologies and programming languages that dominate to the market. They are built on extensive hands on sessions, pushing the participant to deal with real-world projects during the learning curve. Ideal for entry level engineers that wish to establish their career and for experienced individuals and companies that want to invest on fresh technologies.

Carefully designed educational programs that perfectly match to experienced engineers and companies that wish to strengthen more and/or refresh their coding skills. All programs are built on top of hands on real project examples.

The above program categories form a powerful Code.Community that enables professionals and companies to gain awareness over a wide variety of topics, while bringing them all together with top tech influencers. Collectively, all these distinct actions shape our own signature to the IT market.

Our effort is constant and vital in order to gain respect from our clients and to stay on top of companies’ choices. We enrich our programs constantly with new paths, or with updates to existing, with the strategic perception to:

  • Refresh our Code.Academies in order to fully comply with the most recent IT trends and technologies
  • Offer on demand, fully customized, private and standalone training modules that allow companies to deepen on specific areas, with the ideal learning curve.

The above approach will help us become the biggest training center for the biggest companies in IT. Our vision is to create strong partnerships with IT vendors and to share knowledge and powerful tools and solutions to our customers. We are able to understand their needs and deliver high caliber trainings with experienced staff.

Towards this direction, we are also offering the option for our client companies to gain access to our academies, code.Learn programs and/or private customized programs on an annual basis at a special price.

The snapshot below proves our impact to the local IT ecosystem, as a reliable partner for individuals and companies.


Training Programs


Code.Learn Academies


Upskilled/Reskilled Developers


Senior Tech Instructors


Companies Trained


Code.meUP Programs

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Certification Process

Code.Learn is here to educate the IT community to meet market needs. Our programs are designed by experienced professionals and academic professors and are delivered exclusively from developers to developers. By recognizing the market needs we identify the key technologies that emerge and train the IT community..

We create value by providing high-quality learning outcomes in all our programs.

Athens Tech College is the Certification partner of Codehub for hands-on upskilling and reskilling educational programs in coding & programming providing all attendees with a Certification after the successful completion of each program.

Our asset: We provide participants with well refined training material, adequate time and hands – on experience to conquer knowledge.

Academic DirectorTechnical DirectorSr Tech Instructors
Our Academic Director oversees the full academic lifecycle. By working on the curriculum of our Code.Learn programs, defining the learning outcomes and assessment methods, as well as ensuring the academic integrity and program standards our Academic Director is committed to driving your business forward.
A hands-on expert IT professional, who works on the successful creation and delivery of the company’s product to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities.Makes key software design and implementation decisions combining the desired learning outcomes with cutting-edge technologies and platforms/ frameworks and real-life case studies.
All Code.Learn programs are delivered by leading tech instructors with significant experience in the industry and Academics. They are responsible for delivering to a high standard all sessions.

Industry Simulation

Real case projects. Team Transformation. Agile Methodologies.

We create real case projects for you. You will face a real business problem and design a new product, a new feature or a new system using all the technologies you will learn during our code.learn lessons.

For us, Teamwork is the base for delivering successful results.Through the Agile Methodologies teams will transition smoothly into a new state of working which leads to more productivity gains.  

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