AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

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As indicated by the Forbes (The 10 Best Jobs To Apply For In 2017) DevOps Engineer profession is considered as one of the best jobs (ranked as second one) to apply for in 2017!

Participants will have a unique hands-on experience by using  cutting edge AWS technologies and AWS platform features.

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This is a certified program by Athens Tech College, the first educational institution in Greece that specialises in computer science and ICT studies.  

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  • This specific Code.Learn program lasts 2 weeks (2 Thursdays, 2 Fridays & 2 Saturdays) and consists of  32 hours of lectures and hands-on exercise on real case studies and projects.

Learning Objectives

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate qualification is intended for systems administrators and systems operations engineers who want to move their careers to the next level of cloud engineering and ratify their Cloud knowledge. After passing the respective exam, the engineer certifies that is able to:

  • Deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems
  • Implement and control the flow of data to and from AWS
  • Select the appropriate AWS service based on compute, data, or security requirements
  • Identify appropriate use of AWS operational best practices
  • Estimate AWS usage costs and identify operational cost control mechanisms
  • Migrate on-premises workloads to AWS

Training Program

The proposed training path is specifically designed to help participants to prepare for the AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Certification and pass the respective exam with confidence. All topics covered in this study guide are accompanied by extensive and fully realistic hands-on exercises that help the participant understand the concepts in depth and enable him/her to apply the obtained knowledge to real-world cases. Overall, the certification validates that the engineer demonstrates successfully the ability to deploy AWS solutions for different scenarios per AWS’ best practices, troubleshoot, and AWS environments for performance. It also validates that the engineer is comfortable to deploy and manage full production operations on AWS.

To further help gauging the readiness to claim for the certification, the training program includes carefully designed self-assessment mock exams, guaranteeing that the participants will feel confident that have obtained all the information and knowledge required to fulfill the domain expectations, gaining a deep understanding within each area.

A non-exhaustive list of all topics covered by this training program is the following:

  • Introduction to Systems Operations on AWS
  • AWS cloud services
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Security
  • AWS Compute stack
  • Networking and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • AWS Storage Systems
  • AWS managed database services
  • Application deployment and management
  • Monitoring and metrics
  • High availability

Physical/Virtual Classroom

The lessons can be carried out:

  • Inside a physical classroom with an instructor,
  • In an online environment as a virtual classroom, with live connection with the instructor through video conferencing; or lastly,
  • A combination of both physical and online.

The method of teaching will depend on the current conditions, and also on the participants’ preferences.

Regarding online, the instructor provides the taught material through screen sharing, live broadcast, or by working on the cloud where attendees can see and interact with everything in real-time. Attendees themselves can seamlessly and actively participate and ask questions, as they would in a physical classroom. Additionally, they can collaborate in team projects and deliver assignments and hands-on projects that the instructor can see and provide feedback easily and without delays.


The training does not assume any prior experience on AWS and proactively tries to bridge the necessary gap in case of missing knowledge. However, it is recommended that the participant fulfils the following general IT expectations:

  • 1-2 years’ experience as a systems administrator in a systems operations role
  • Understanding of virtualization technology
  • Monitoring and auditing systems experience
  • Knowledge of networking concepts (e.g., DNS, TCP/IP, and Firewalls)
  • Ability to translate architectural requirements

Moreover, prior AWS-related knowledge is suggested (although not mandatory):

  • Minimum of one year hands-on experience with AWS
  • Experience managing/operating systems on AWS
  • Understanding of the AWS tenets – architecting for the cloud
  • Hands-on experience with the AWS CLI and SDKs/API tools
  • Understanding of network technologies as they relate to AWS
  • Understanding of security concepts with hands-on experience in implementing security controls and compliance requirements

More detailed information, along with white papers and additional stuff can be found in the respective exam guide

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Additional information

Certification Institute:

Athens Tech College


32 Hours

Registration Policy

Early Bird: 750€ (Limited number of tickets available)

Normal Registration: 840€ (Limited number of tickets available)

Participant’s registration (payment's completion) implies full compliance and acceptance οf Code.Learn – Terms & Conditions.