Doukas Summer Camp

Tech Academy

“Programming From Zero to Hero!”

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Head of the Dpt. of Informatics & Digital Education at Doukas School: Vassilis Economou (in)

Academic Director: Dr. I. Nikolakopoulos (in)

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Doukas Summer Camp

“Programming From Zero to Hero!”, powered by Code.Hub


Program Overview

“Programming From Zero to Hero” is a strategic collaboration between Doukas School and Code.Hub.

Our vision for this program is to apply cutting-edge technological trends in combination with advanced teaching methods for students that want to invest their time for the benefit of their digital literacy.

This vision is structured as a framework of four main pillars that exist under the general aim of the accomplishment/ completion of programming projects/ challenges that will formulate student’s early programming profile. The main program’s pillars are the following:

  • Mathematics through the data science field (algorithms, statistics, analytics, AI, ML)
  • Programming principles, methodologies and projects development
  • Familiarization with electronics, hardware devices and corresponding components programming
  • Software Engineering mindset, collaboration & team building.

We believe that each student should and can acquire the appropriate knowledge in programming languages following the current developments in the field of Information Technology as early as possible on his/her educational journey.

Our goals focus on the development of skills and competences related to the use of code, the cultivation of algorithmic skills and way of thinking and the empowerment of the students with the principles and software engineering mindset. 

Program Attributes

Thematic Units: 

  • Building the Software Engineering Mindset and Enabling Agility

Familiarisation and comprehension of the principals of software engineering and Agile methodologies.

  • Programing|Coding

Hands-on experience through coding in one of the most contemporary and popular programming languages.

  • The Era of Data

Statistics, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Internet of Things (ΙοΤ)

Introduction to the Internet of Things. Familiarisation with digital/electronic devices and fixtures.

  • Tech Industry & Universities Reality

Insights on the field of Information and Technology concerning academic and work environment issues from leading market experts.

Duration: 2 weeks (25/6/18 – 6/7/18)

It includes:

  • 36 training hours in English (level FCE)
  • 20 hours of recreational activities in the sea
  • Personal and group project evaluation
  • Certification of attendance and completion of the program

Target Group: Students of ages thirteen (13) till seventeen (17).

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