Getting started with Angular 
Free Online Course

Date: 28/4
Time: 19.oo – 21.00

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Fanis Prodromou / Angular Tech Director
Aristeidis Bampakos / Angular Senior Tech Instructor


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Getting started with Angular Web Development / Free Online Course


This specific Code.Learn program lasts 2 hours of online lectures and hands-on exercises and projects.

Key Objectives – Curriculum (High Level):

This program will present, explore and adequately cover with extended hands-on sessions & real-life case study the following areas:
– Create an Angular CLI app
– Integrate with Bootstrap CSS
– CSS architecture
– Modules and Components
– Built-in directives
– Built-in pipes

In this course, you will learn

– How to create an Angular CLI application from scratch
– How to use the famous bootstrap CSS in your application
– How to structure your CSS code so that is
   – Scalable
   – Maintainable
– Create components and accompanied them with respective modules
– Learn how to use the basic structural directives
   – ngFor
   – ngIf
– Learn how to use the basic built-in pipes
   – JSON
   – Date
   – Currency

Teaching Method:

Courses are conducted as Virtual Classrooms, with live connection with an instructor by using a suitable online video conferencing tool.

The instructor provides the taught material through screen sharing, live broadcast, or by working on the cloud where attendees can see everything in real-time coding!

Attendees themselves can seamlessly and actively participate and ask questions, as they would in a physical classroom. 

Target Audience:

Software Engineers, Front End Developers, Full Stack Software Engineers and anyone that wants to explore Angular technology.

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