Python AI & ML

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Academic Director: I. Nikolakopoulos (in)

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This is a certified program by Athens Tech College, the first educational institution in Greece that specialises in computer science and ICT studies.  

Participant’s registration (payment’s completion) implies full compliance and acceptance οf  Code.Learn – Terms & Conditions.



  • This specific Code.Learn program lasts 3 weeks (2 weekdays per week – 6 courses in total) with 24 hours of  online lectures and hands-on exercises and projects. Each online lecture lasts for 4 academic hours with one 15-minute break.

Key Objectives – Curriculum (High Level):

The core perspectives of this program will be to present, explore and adequately cover with extended real-life business case studies & industry scenarios the following thematic units:

– Python
– Numpy
– Data analysis
– Data visualization
– Hands-on example (data analysis)
    – Load a dataset
    – Perform a simple EDA
    – Data cleaning
– Intro to Machine Learning
-> Assignment 1 (data analysis)
– Popular ML algorithms:
    – Supervised
    – Unsupervised
– Intro to scikit-learn
– Advanced ML concepts
– Implementing advanced preprocessing/evaluation techniques in python. Complete supervised ML workflow.
– Hands-on example (classification):
    – Load a dataset.
    – Preprocessing:
    – Train a classification model using the optimal hyperparameters.
    – Evaluate its performance.
-> Assignment 2 (classification)
– Natural Language Processing
– Hands-on example (text classification)
– Clustering
– Hands-on example (text clustering)
– Closing remarks
-> Assignment 3 (Reuters dataset clustering)

Teaching Method

Courses are conducted as Virtual Classrooms, with live connection with an instructor by using a suitable online video conferencing tool, such as Google Meet, Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, among others.

The instructor provides the taught material through screen sharing, live broadcast, or by working on the cloud where attendees can see everything in real time.

Attendees themselves can seamlessly and actively participate and ask questions, as they would in a physical classroom. Additionally, they can collaborate in team projects and deliver assignments and hands-on projects that the instructor can see and provide feedback without delays.


Target Audience

Data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, BI engineers/developers, information-visualization-analytics professionals as well as computer scientists, software engineers, developers and consultants who vision their future in data-relevant career paths are welcome to participate to this code.learn program and unlock the full potentiality of the topics taught by upskilling their  future career.

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Additional information

Certification Institute:

Athens Tech College


24 hours

Registration Policy

Online Classroom: 360€

Normal Registration (Physical Classroom): 450€

Participant’s registration (payment's completion) implies full compliance and acceptance οf Code.Learn – Terms & Conditions.