UX Research for Designers, Product Owners, Business Analysts & Product Design Pros

Do you want to design products based on opinions or based on evidence?

In this course you will learn how UX research builds products that users really need, can and want to use!

It is an intense hands-on course on UX research which gives a toolkit and insights on how to perform evidence-based UX design for software based products.

Coming soon in 2020! Exact Dates to be announced!

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This is a certified program by Athens Tech College, the first educational institution in Greece that specialises in computer science and ICT studies.

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UX Research for Product Design


  • This Code.Learn program lasts 4 weeks (4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays) with 45 hours of lectures and hands-on exercise on real life case studies and projects.

Key Objectives – Curriculum (High Level)

  • What is UX design
  • UX research
  • Lean UX
  • Measuring UX
  • Usability
  • User interviews
  • Personas
  • User testing
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • UX research study design
  • Surveys and analytics
  • User journeys and task analysis
  • Prototyping and wireframing
  • Working with developers
  • Product Backlog management
  • Discovering and working with user stories
  • Mental models
  • … and much much more
Week 1:
What is UX design / elements of UX
Measuring UX
What is UX research
Design Thinking,
Lean UX & the UX Design process
UX deliverables
Working with UX designers and developers
Week 2:
UX Research
Qualitative vs Quantitative
User Research
User Personas
UX research study design
Qualitative UX research
Product discovery and requirements gathering
Stakeholder interviews
User interviews
Designing user interviews
Conducting user interviews
Card sorting / tree testing
Making sense of evidence from users for product decisions
Week 3:
User journeys / task analysis
Prototyping and wireframes
Usability guidelines
Heuristic evaluation
Conducting heuristic evaluation and reporting
Usability metrics
Usability study design
User testing
Conducting usability testing
Quantitative usability testing
UX analytics for product development
Week 4:
Design as communication
Conceptual Models
Mental models
Backlogs and value prioritisation
Scrum + UX design
Discovering and working with user stories
Managing UX professionals and the flow of deliverables

Physical/Virtual Classroom

The lessons can be carried out:

  • Inside a physical classroom with an instructor,
  • In an online environment as a virtual classroom, with live connection with the instructor through video conferencing; or lastly,
  • A combination of both physical and online.

The method of teaching will depend on the current conditions, and also on the participants’ preferences.

Regarding online, the instructor provides the taught material through screen sharing, live broadcast, or by working on the cloud where attendees can see and interact with everything in real-time. Attendees themselves can seamlessly and actively participate and ask questions, as they would in a physical classroom. Additionally, they can collaborate in team projects and deliver assignments and hands-on projects that the instructor can see and provide feedback easily and without delays.

Target Audience

The course is for Execs, Product Owners, Product Managers, Marketing/Product creation, Entrepreneurs, Innovations managers, Business Analysts, UX designer managers, CX managers, PMs, UX Designers, CTOs, CMOs, CXOs, CEOs that want to deliver useful software.

Do not join this course if you don’t want to design products with the users and their needs in mind.

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Athens Tech College


Athens Tech College


Early Bird(-10%): 450€ (Limited number of tickets available)

Normal Registration: 500€ (Limited number of tickets available)

Participant’s registration (payment's completion) implies full compliance and acceptance οf Code.Learn – Terms & Conditions.