Unity | 2D Adventure Game Development with Noema Games

Dates: 8-December-18 till 9-December-18

Lead Game Engine Programmer:

I. Chatzopoulos (in)

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This is a certified program by Athens Tech College, the first educational institution in Greece that specialises in computer science and ICT studies.

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Description – Motivation

Participants will create a 2D mini adventure point & click game that will formulate a complete game experience with concrete beginning-mid-end. During the course of this training, specific guidelines and methods will be given for script creation, level and puzzles design, as well as for the actual methodologies and practices that can bring all of the assets together and program them into a functional scene of an adventure game in Unity. Music and sound effects will be added as well as voice acting from text to speech engine. By the end of the course, participants will test the developed game, will perform necessary bug fixing activities and will feel 100% confident and proud of  their final artifact. The whole experience will be based on the characters and scenes from the Game Aurora: The lost medallion episode I.

In collaboration with:

Training Agenda:

Day 1 – Saturday (8-Dec-18):
  • Session 1: Story Development & Game world level design
  • Session 2: Introduction to Unity – Creating the first scene in our game
  • Session 3: Music & Sound FX & Text-to-speech voice acting
  • Session 4: Finishing, building and testing our game
Day 1 – Sunday (9-Dec-18):
  • Session 1-3: Game Development
  • Session 4: QA, Testing & Game Presentation


  • This specific Code.Learn program lasts 2 whole days (1 Saturday, 1 Sunday) with at least 16 hours of lectures and hands-on exercise on a real life project.

Platforms & Tools

Unity, visual studio, adventure creator unity asset, photoshop & audacity

Target Audience

Software engineers, developers, Game developers  as well as students of Computer Games Programming paths with some experience with game engines are welcome to participate to this code.learn program and unlock the full potentiality of the topics taught by upskilling their  future career.

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Additional information

Certification Institute:

Athens Tech College

Save the Dates:

– Saturday 8/12: 10.15-18.00
– Sunday 9/12: 10.15-18.00


8-December-18 till 9-December-18
16 Hours


Athens Tech College

Registration Policy

Early Bird: 180€ (Until 26-November; Limited number of tickets available)

Normal Registration: 200€ (Limited number of tickets available)

Participant’s registration (payment's completion) implies full compliance and acceptance οf Code.Learn – Terms & Conditions.